A 17 Year Old Boy Has Gone Blind After Eating Only Chips, Sausages And Pringles For A Decade

The junk food diet really isn’t the one.

Everyone knows that if you spend your whole life eating junk food then you’re probably going to end up really obese and unhealthy, but I don’t think that anyone thought that this kind of lifestyle could actually lead to those who partake in it becoming full on blind.

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This is apparently what happened to one 17 year old named Jake who was such a fussy eater that he only ate chips, sausages, white bread and pringles for the past decade. His diet was so appalling that he contracted a condition that has only previously been seen in malnourished from the Third World which has also led to him going partially deaf. Awful.

Jake’s mother Angie blames the NHS for what happened to her son, as they falsely diagnosed him with anemia when he was 14 after he complained of being tired. When Jake’s symptoms began to include optical and hearing problems, they were  correctly identified as nutritional optic neuropathy. This has been brought on by a vitamin B12 deficiency and low copper and selenium levels from his terrible diet.

Jake has now dropped out of college and is unemployable due to his condition and spends most of his time in his room. Angie had the following to say to The Sun about what happened:

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If I was reading this about somebody else’s child I would blame the parents for their poor diet.

But I know I did all I could for Jake. I used to feed him fruit and vegetables and send him to school with a healthy lunch.

He would pick at his food at home like any child does. I didn’t realise it was so serious.

He looked healthy, was a good height and weight and played football with his friends.

They initially said it was all in his head. By the time they realised what was wrong it was too late to save his sight.

The whole ordeal has been very traumatic. I want to scream about what we have gone through – it’s all very hard.

I mean it does sound absolutely horrific and you wouldn’t suspect anything like this could ever happen, but you have really gotta question how this kid could only eat such complete and utter crap for ten years of his life. Having said that though, if he was a decent height and weight how would you know anything was wrong other than if you got him tested for absolutely everything and even then the doctors didn’t even know what was wrong with him for ages, so what hope have you got? Probably best to just make sure you always eat your veggies to be safe. Just saying.

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