16 Year Old Russian Billionaire Makes Video Paying People To Drink His Urine

Russian Billionaire Pays People To Do Tasks

What an absolute bell end.

One step ahead of Tyler The Creator paying fans £20 to eat his vomit is this 16 year old Russian billionaire named Grigory Mamurin who’s trying to win the accolade of the most hated 16 year old in Russia, if not the world.

Gregory – who goes by the completely crap stage name of Gregory Goldshield – does this by making videos in which he generally acts like a douchebag by paying ordinary people vast sums of money to drink his piss, strip in public and other embarrassing tasks. He’s also listening to Limp Bizkit and other crappy nu metal in the videos which is another indicator of what an asshole he is if you hadn’t quite managed to figure that out yet.

I’m not really sure what he’s saying on most of these as it’s in Russian but you can tell he’s being a complete dickhead by the way everyone reacts to him and just walks off, which doesn’t even make most of the video good because it’s just him talking to people and then them walking off in disgust. It does get good when some Russian morons actually decide to acquiesce to his requests.

Well, I suppose it’s good if you like watching people drink their own piss – which seems to be popular in Russia judging by these videos. Say what you want about Dan Bilzerian – or even the rich kids of Instagram – but I don’t think any of them are anywhere near as bad as this dude.

NB The best part of the video is definitely where one guy takes his money after agreeing to the task and then just decks him. That’s probably why it’s gone viral to be honest.

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