16 Year Boy Dies After Taking Lethal Cocktail Of Class A Drugs To ‘Show Off To Friends’


A teenager has sadly died after he took a cocktail of Class As to “show off” to his friends.

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16-year-old Daniel Ferguson was reportedly ‘anti-drugs’ before the incident, but after sneaking out of his family home back in March he took cocaine, ecstasy and LSD.

CCTV footage from the night shows that he was also beaten by a group of men and was punched several times before the police arrived, although it’s been confirmed that this did not contribute to his death.

When the police arrived they found him slumped but conscious on an abandoned sofa. He was taken to hospital but sadly died later that day from a series of cardiac arrests.

His grandmother Carol Ferguson, 65, told an inquest:

Daniel didn’t really go out much and was a homely lad. He was caring and selfless, often spending his £10 a week pocket money on his family.

Daniel used to love playing on his Xbox and just chilling at home. The family are deeply shocked and are finding it difficult to get their heads around and understand what has happened.

And if that weren’t tragic enough, his mum has also died from cancer since then. So sad – you just can’t imagine the pain their family must be going through right now.

PC Chris Tyler told the Warrington hearing:

I received a call at 3.50am that several males were assaulting another male as he lay on the floor. ‘I could tell Daniel was under the influence of drugs as his eyes were glazed over and his jaw was swinging back and fourth.

We arrived at the hospital at 4.40am and he appeared to be coming more responsive. ‘When I asked what he had taken he said cocaine, pills and acid. I asked him why and he said: “I think I was just showing off in front of my mates.”

Carol added:

I have racked my brains as to why Daniel would have been out at that time and taking drugs.

It does all seem a little odd doesn’t it? I mean, why would someone who is so anti-drugs take all of those substances in one go? I don’t know many hardened drug takers who would do that, let alone someone who had never tried it before. Is there more to this story? Perhaps he was pushed into it.

I guess for now we can’t say, but what we can say is that this is a truly heart breaking story and our thoughts go out to Daniel’s friends and family.

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