16 Everyday Things With Weird Names You’ve Never Heard

The English language is full to capacity.

I like hearing new and weird words, I can never remember them for more than a nanosecond, but I still like being told them. So I was pretty pleased when I read through this list of oddities. Of course I won’t remember a single one, but for some reason my heart feels warmed by the knowledge that someone has bothered to name these pointless items in the first place.

Right, I’m really going to try and make these stick somehow. Perhaps if I put the glass of cider down that would be a start. Nah…

1) Hallux

Weird Words - Big Toe

That’s your big toe don’t you know? Whilst we’re jazzing off about weird words you may as well know that your hallux is primarily flexed by the flexor hallucis longus muscle. There is literally no chance I’m going to remember any of that.

Used in a sentence:

My hallux smells like sour cream and chive flavoured Pringles.

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