1500 Year Old Ancient Mummy Discovered Wearing Adidas Trainers


Ancient Egypt’s answer to Stormzy?

An ancient mummy more than 1500 years old has been unearthed in Mongolia, and people are loosing their shit when she was seen to be wearing what look like a pair of Adidas boots.

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The remains of the woman were discovered by archaeologists, almost 10,000 feet high in the Altai mountains. So far the experts have only managed to unearth one of her hands along with her two feet, but it’s her choice of footwear that is attracting attention.

Imagine that, though – you die (what I’m imagining for the purpose of this hypotheses) is a painful and dreadful death, only to have your body chopped up and hidden away high up some fuck off mountain. And then, when some fossil lovers finally come sniffing about your tomb and uncover you, they’re more interested in your kicks than your legacy. What an absolute liberty that would be.

Mummy's Hands

When pictures of the mummy’s feet emerged online, people were quick to suggest that time travel was behind the strange Adidas resemblance. With one commenting:

Didn’t know they had Adidas back then…

While another suggested:

The mummy had on some Adidas in the first pic?

Obviously the boots aren’t Adidas, but I can see how they’ve been mistaken for.

B. Sukhbaatar, researcher at Khovd Museum, was excited about the discovery for more realistic reasons than time travel:

It is the first complete Turkik burial at least in Mongolia – and probably in all Central Asia. This is a very rare phenomenon.

These finds show us the beliefs and rituals of Turkiks.

We can see clearly that the horse was deliberately sacrificed. It was a mare, between four and eight years old.

An interesting thing we found is that not only sheep wool was used, but also camel wool.

We can date the burial by the things we have found there, also the type of hat.

It gives us a preliminary date of around the 6th century AD.


Alright, hang on a minute Sukhbaatar, if you’re using her hat to date the grave, you should probably consider those fresh Gazelles as well.

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Apparently the altitude of the mountain-top tomb helped to preserve the remains thanks to the cool temperatures. The scientists also reckon the quality of the hand made goods in the tomb suggest that the people of that age were far more able at craftsmanship than they first suspected. Able enough to knock up a stylish German trainer perhaps?

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