VIDEO: Computer Simulation Of 1500 People Walking And Texting At The Same Time

Texting While Walking

Walking and texting is fast becoming a major problem and this video shows what happens when nobody bothers to pay attention to where they’re going.

Apparently according to official statistics, one in five people who walk around whilst they’re using their smartphones will experience some kind of injury or accident, and to be honest I would have thought that it would be even more than that. Still, even with that statistic in my fave I’m probably still going to use my smartphone next time I go to a walk somewhere – sometimes it i just necessary.

This is a Japanese advert for mobile carrier NTT Docomo that for some reason decided to simulate what it would be like if 1500 people were all texting and walking in one of the busiest areas of Japan called Shibuya Crossing. It’s a crossing where people can cross in different directions, and as you might imagine when everyone is texting and not looking where they’re going, shit gets a bit messy.

I’m not sure how this is designed to help them sell mobile phones, but hey it’s pretty interesting to see what happens. Maybe I’ll think twice about walking and texting next time I go out. Probably not though.

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