15 Pictures Of People Hooking Up In The Least Sexy Places Ever

Worst Plces To Hook Up

Sometimes you just can’t wait.

Normally when you hook up with a girl you probably want it to be somewhere really sexy like a really expensive hotel or a private yacht or Mark Wahlberg’s sick mansion or something. Unfortunately for most of us that won’t ever be an option, so we have to make do with the back of our cars or our stinky bedrooms or back alleyways after the club. Sure, that can be kind of hot but it’s not exactly ideal, is it?

However, having said that it’s way better than the locations that these 15 couples have chosen to hook up in. From the middle of a field which people are walking over on their way back to work, to a children’s playground and a park bench, these really are some of the grossest looking places in history to hook up in.

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