15 Perfectly Constructed Roller Coaster Photos

Now this is how you ride a rollercoaster.

So, recently I went to Thorpe Park for the first time in about 10 years. A land full of sugar induced children, overpriced… anything that can possibly be sold and adrenaline fuelled chavs looking for a fight. Amongst all this there are also a few alright rollercoasters. I have always remembered enjoying rollercoasters, and I still do, but as I get older they are really proving to test my strength. Back in the day I could ride a rollercoaster over and over, but this time was different. I found myself coming off the ride with what felt like the worst hangover I’ve ever had. I got close to vomitting plenty of times but I held strong. I didn’t want to end up looking like this guy:


It was pretty close, especially after hitting up Nemesis Inferno after a Pizza Hut buffet… Log flume after food guys, always log flume!

Anyway, I always enjoy the photo at the end of the ride. Perfect for a cheap laugh. You pull a funny face, have a laugh with your mates. Sneak a cheeky photo on your phone to save you £10. As a kid I would always pull a stupid face (like everyone else) but, this time on the train up I thought I’d mix it up. Nabbed a metro from the seat and boom, this was born:


Pretty relevant to the times with the Ebola headline don’t you think? I was pretty chuffed with this photo and on my return home I thought “I wonder what other people have done to create a genius and creative rollercoaster photo”.

I present to you 15 of the best photos I could find:


First up is the tea party, I actually had this idea for my trip but thought that constructing this would be more effort than I was willing to give. Looks pretty good though.


This is just pure gold on all levels. The fact they actually have a table tennis ball in the photo. Is it stuck on or is that just sheer skill? The 2 guys who look like they’ve just finished shooting the new men in black film, and what appears to be a sneaky suck job on the front row.


Incredible creativity and a great homage to my/your childhood.


Another one for pornhub. This seems to be a trending thing…. This dude is really going all out here.


The prep for this can’t have been easy, but the pay off? Looking good.


How the fuck did this guy smuggle a ridiculously large chicken leg onto the ride? Simple, yet beautiful.


Love the multiple rows of this ride getting involved here. This is planned to a next degree! Personal favourite, the commentator in the back row. Attention to detail.


Monopoly just had to pop up somewhere right? Correct me if I’m wrong here but have they actually got houses down on the board? Tekkers.


Didn’t have time to shave in the morning, so fuck it, just bang it out on the ride. Natural thought stream there.


I couldn’t even get these things to work in a classroom with a teacher around. Wonder if that was a functioning budget phone?


Like an absolute Sir!


A more sophisticated Monopoly.


When you gotta answer, you gotta answer I guess.


Beautifully constructed and executed. Fuck carrying that around with you all day though.


I really hope they didn’t glue that into place. Keeping that together during the ride is worthy of some acknowledgement right?

Well I hope you enjoyed that and its given you some inspiration to go and top these. Might try and skin up mid ride the next time I go.


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