13 Year Old Girl Who Was Impregnated By 10 Year Old Boy Now Says She Was Raped

It was carried out by a fat and tall man.

I had kinda forgotten about the 13 year old Russian girl who claimed that she was impregnated by her 10 year old boyfriend earlier this year – what with all the Coronavirus pandemic and everything – but here they are again, almost near the end of the pregnancy.

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And it seems like their story has changed now, as Darya has now bravely opened up and admitted that 10 year old Ivan is not the father – no shock there – and instead that she was raped by a ‘fat and tall’ Russian man who was at least 16. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Here is my long-awaited post about the biological dad….

It is a painful issue for me.

I could not move away for a long time and the pain still remains in my soul.

Who is the father?” It was a rape. I cannot tell how it happened, because it is painful to recall.

For a long time after that accident, I could not do anything, it was scary and lonely at the same time.

This man was VERY fat for his age. And very tall.

The most scary is that he lives in the same town, and our town is small.

I am really scared to meet him somewhere on the street.

It was in November and really on the staircase. It was dark already and that is why no one could help.

I cannot say more, think you understand me.

I told the Moscow investigator everything that happened.

This man is so far free, as after I give birth they will do a DNA test and if it confirms that man, they will decide what action to take.

Grim – although I’m still not really sure what would possess her to lie about it and achieve worldwide notoriety by claiming that a 10 year old boy was the father? Seems like a strange reaction to me, although I’m not trying to take anything away from the fact she was raped obviously.

Hopefully the DNA test confirms what she’s saying and the guy will face justice. What a strange tale.

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