A 13 Year Old Boy Is Facing Assault Charges After He Threw A Chip At Someone In McDonalds

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As time marches on it seems like everyone is becoming more and more PC and this has increased the amount of ridiculous stories that you hear, possibly peaking with this one. It’ll probably be topped in a couple of weeks though – that’s just the culture we live in these days.

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The story concerns a young 13 year old boy who was eating at a McDonald’s in Broadway Shopping Centre in Hammersmith, West London with a few of his friends. During the meal, he decided to put a chip down his straw and then fire said chip into a bunch of girls who were sitting across from him.

It sounds like he was just doing some classic playground flirting, to be honest, but the situation got a whole lot more serious when he ended up being charged with assault.  Apparently there was a bit of a scrap afterwards and the two groups had to be kicked out of McDonald’s but the official police report on the matter says the following: ‘assault by using a straw to fire a chip, hitting a woman in the face’ which is pretty damn stupid.


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The original boy took a police caution rather than dispute the charge. The other three were also charged with one pleading guilty, one accepting a caution and the other still waiting to be tried. The mother of the first boy – who can’t be named for legal readings – said the following about the case:

It’s ridiculous. I tried to put a chip in a McDonald’s straw. It doesn’t fit. He was actually firing an empty straw wrapper, not a chip.

I mean whilst I agree with her that the whole situation is somewhat ridiculous, I don’t really think the issue here was whether he fired a chip at the girl or an empty straw wrapper. Pretty sure that both of them probably hurt the same anyway – it’s just dumb that anyone would charge someone with assault for something that you might not even notice unless you were watching it happen. Stupid.

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