This 12-Year-Old Sold An App To Google And Now Owns 3 Ferraris


12-year-old Callum sold his app to Google and bought 3 Ferraris with the proceeds. Are you buying his story?

Firstly, yeah, we are just as dubious as you are about the authenticity of this story. For one thing there’s no mention of the app he supposedly sold to Google, no mention of the kid’s surname, plus he’s not even old enough to drive a scooter, let alone a Ferrari or anything else with an engine and wheels.

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However there is mention by FgearTV who uploaded this video onto YouTube that they are filming a documentary on Callum in which he will reveal all. So there is the possibility that this is actually very real and we are just hating on this kid for owning 3 Ferraris at 12 years of age.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. Is this kid legit?

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