There’s Now A 12 Pack Beer Vest So You Don’t Have To Keep Going To The Fridge

12 Pack Drinking Vest

The answer to all my prayers.

I’m pretty certain that everybody reading this who likes to get drunk has experienced a moment when they’re having a rad time drinking with their buddies and they come to the end of their beer and simply can’t be bothered to get up and walk over to the fridge to get another one. It’s a true problem of modern life for a lot of us.

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I suppose that’s why a company called EZ drinker decided to make this camo vest that you can hold a 12 pack of beer in.

12 Pack Drinker

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Obviously the main problem here is that the beers are going to get warm whilst they’re strapped to your chest and they’re probably going to be a bit uncomfortable too, but all your friends are going to be too busy grabbing them off you that it won’t last too long. And as said, at least you won’t have to be going back and forth to the fridge the whole time.

For more beers, check out his 67.5% one that’s not available in the UK. Nice.


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