An 11 Year Old Kid Just Landed The First 1080 On A Skateboard Vert Ramp


Back when I was a kid, everyone was mesmerised by when Tony Hawk finally landed the 900 after years of trying at the X Games back in 1999, but now 20 years later an 11 year old kid has taken it to the next level by getting another whole rotation in and landing a 1080 on a vert ramp.

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You can check out the footage of Gui Khury from Brazil below:

Wow. Some of you out there will probably be nitpicking and saying that this isn’t the first time that someone had landed a 1080, but those that have done it previously have been competing on mega ramps which enables riders to get a load more speed and height to perform the flip – the is the first time that anyone has been able to land one on a regular sized vert ramp.

Others will probably point out that the fact that the kid is only 11 serves to his advantage in this instance because it means his body and legs are smaller so he can spin around quicker in a shorter amount of time. That’s also obviously true, but it’s still pretty damn impressive that he’s managed to do a 1080, right? Give the kid some props and leave him be hey!

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