103 Year Old Businessman Gives One Final Piece Of Advice Before His Death

Myron Steves

Probably the best advice that you’ll ever hear.

It’s often said that if you want to be successful in life then you just have to listen to those who have gone before you and done it themselves. Here’s some more advice for you from someone who has done it all.

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Myron Fuller Steves was the founder of the Texas independent managing general agency and wholesale insurance broker Myron Steves. Needless to say, he was a very successful businessman. He managed to achieve what he did in his life through a strong work ethic and by taking calculated risks with his business. 

Myron passed away a couple of years ago, but not before leaving one final piece of advice for generations to come. Get a load of this:

There you have it – if you want something to happen then go out and do it today. Everything in life is a risk so just go for it – what have you got to lose? RIP Myron. He sounds like a great guy and a true self made man.

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