Don’t let the picture fool you, unfortunately Alexander Pato didn’t score any of them.

101 Great Goals is probably my second favourite website on the internet (after Sick Chirpse, obviously) and now that I don’t own a TV (the television can eat your soul don’t you know?) it’s the main way I get to see all those great goals that I crave because I no longer have access to Match of the Day. Sure, I could watch Match of the Day 2 on the BBC iPlayer, but who really wants to do that? I mean it’s not even on until Tuesdays and that dude on it who’s name I can’t remember is pretty annoying. Still, he’s nowhere near as annoying as Adrian Chiles. I guess 2 Good 2 Bad is normally a LOL though right? Right?

Anyway, enough talk of how I go about viewing great goals, the important thing about this post is that 101 Great Goals released their 101 Great Goals of the 2010-11 season today and, as expected, it’s a real feast. The video itself is really awesome as well as, although it only features one shot of each goal this is usually from the best angle and all the goals are neatly labelled with the scorer, match and date, along with the provider of the assist if that is particularly outrageous i.e. Luis Suarez V Liverpool for the 1st of Dirk Kuyt’s dumbest hat trick ever (incidentally here’s a good quiz question – only two players have scored hat tricks past Manchester United in the Premier League era, Dirk Kuyt is one but who is the other? Leave your answers in the comments below and you might earn yourself some Sick Chirpse goodies). Check out the assist from Hassane Alla near the start of this video. Wow! Here’s a picture of Hassane Alla. Looks like he has some attitude

What I really like about 101 Great Goals though is that it isn’t limited to one competition so on this video you literally see goals from every competition in the world – great goals that I would probably never seen if it wasn’t for this website. I mean it’s great seeing goals from the usual suspects like Lionel Messi, Wesley Sneijder, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and but it’s also nice to see some stunners from players I’ve never heard of like Sidney Sam, Dinei and Artjom Christian Chavez (maybe some of them could come and play for Birmingham next season in the Championship?) and it’s also nice to see that Juninho Pernambucalo can still hit a mean free kick over in Qatar or wherever he is. So sit back and join me, for ten minutes of great goals from the 2010-11 season.

I tried to pick a favourite goal out of them but it was just too hard, I guess honourable mentions go to Benoit Patin for scoring a goal even better than that Dejan Stankovic volley, Yoahnadry Orozco for a neat run skinning about five players and super finish, Mohamed Nasri for a great piece of improvisation and Johan Elmander bizarrely for some excellent close control and a composed finish.


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