Here’s What A 1,000,000 Calorie Lasagna Looks Like

1 million calorie lasagna

What a mess.

Ever wondered what a 1 million calorie lasagna would look like?

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No, me neither. But nevertheless, that’s exactly what YouTube channel Epic Meal Time decide to create. These were the same guys who brought us the 100 pound Big Mac, so you know that this is going to be equally insane.

If you think it’s not possible to make any one dish 1,000,000 calories then think again, because this lasagna has it all including lard, mince, giant slabs of pasta, entire wheels of cheese and mountains of crispy bacon. Here it is in action:

What an absolute monstrosity. I wonder if they made it through the whole lasagna without ending up in the hospital? Probably not – that would be the equivalent of eating 1,776 Big Macs. Just imagine the state of your arteries after sinking that.

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