VIDEO: 100,000 Bats Die In Australia

Apparently it’s a bit warm over in Oz at the mo. Don’t pity the humans though, it’s the bats that are screwed.

Here in merry old England town we’ve been experiencing some crappy, miserable wet and windy flood weather. I expect you’ve noticed. No one has liked it. Whether your house has been washed clear of its belongings or you’ve just received a soaking on your crappy walk to work, no one is happy.

Whilst we’ve been receiving this month-long crud deluge, the Australians have been complaining about a heat wave. In the back of my head I’ve been grumbling “heat wave? I wish”. Aussies have long called us winging Pommies for whatever reason, but they should try dealing with long periods of boring, cold rain. See how they like that?

My opinion changed yesterday when I saw reports coming out that the bats of Australia are having a pretty crappy time. Now I do actually care. Humans can stay indoors, or have a nice BBQ or get in the pool to cool down with an ice cold XXXX. The poor old bats don’t have that same luxury.

Apparently as many as 100,000 have died which is literally causing a bit of a stink.

Thousands Dead Bats - Queensland Australia - Bodies

The bats that are being effected the worst are fruit bats, otherwise known as flying foxes. If the temperature gets higher than 43 degrees celsius they basically can’t deal with it and fall to the ground dead. Wildlife agencies have been going round putting to sleep those that can’t cope and sweeping up the remains of those that have perished.

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