You Can Now Spend £7500 On An Edible Bikini Made Out Of Pizza

Pizza Bikini

No brainer.

Pizza is great and I imagine if you’re a girl wearing a bikini it’s pretty great too, so why not combine the two?

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No, I don’t mean eating pizza whilst wearing a bikini – I’m pretty sure people have done that in the past – I’m talking about wearing a bikini made out of pizza. How about that?

It’s coming to you from the good people at Villa Italian Kitchen in order to celebrate National Bikini Day next Wednesday July 5th and it’s only going to be available that day. They’ve decided to offer you the chance to wear a fully customisable bikini out of dough, cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni.

Mmmmm. Would love to eat that off of someone, but the bad news is that it’s gonna set you back $10,000 (over £7500). Worth it?

Kinda get the impression they’re hoping that nobody will call them out on this and pay that outrageous price so they won’t actually have to make it. I mean I’m not even really sure how they would attach it to your body without all the toppings slithering off, but I’m really hoping that that someone calls them out on it so we get to see it in action. Imagine how rank that would be.

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