Check Out This 100 Year Old Church That’s Just Been Transformed Into A Completely Sick Skate Park

Why don’t we just do this with all churches?

Here’s a rad idea. Now that most churches have outlived their usefulness (sorry but organised religion kinda sucks), why not turn them all into completely sick skate parks?

That’s exactly what has gone down in the Spanish city of llanera thanks to Spanish skate collective La Iglesia Skate and street artist Okuda San Miguel. They gutted an old historic church, filled it with ramps and painted it so it looks awesome and they’ve now got the Kaos Temple. It looks completely dope, and it was very necessary for the skateboarding community in the town because it receives 200 days of rain a year.

Ernesto Fernández Rey – the head of La Iglesia Skate – explained the process:

It was pretty much in ruins when we started the project.

The walls were stained, paint was peeling and there was dust everywhere.

It’s got really interesting architecture, with high ceilings and lots of light.

You can watch a short film about it below and take a look at some pictures of it on the slideshow.

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