Someone’s Invented The World’s Most Expensive Avocado Toast

$100 Avocado Toast

This’ll set you back a few.

Remember a few weeks ago when that rich Australian guy was calling out millennials for not being able to afford a house because they were spending too much money on avocado toast? Well, he’s really going to hate this post.

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Determined to find out just how much you could actually spend on avocado toast, a couple of people from Uproxx visited Burnt Crumbs at Pacific City in Huntington Beach to challenge head chef Paul Cao to make the most expensive avocado toast he could imagine. And he did not disappoint.

Cao began by mashing up the avocado with some white truffle oil, then added butter-poached lobster and topped it off with a healthy helping of those expensive edible gold flakes, bringing the price to $100. You can see a picture of it it above, but here’s a video detailing how it’s made too:

Mmmm. I mean it looks pretty good, but do I want to be spending $100 every week on that? Do I even want to spend $100 once on that? No, no I don’t – I do want to own a house one day – but you can guarantee that there’s a whole bunch of people out there who do. Hope you enjoy it.

On the other hand, has anyone ever thought about the fact that avocados are actually complete trash? Read it and weep.


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