A 10 Year Old Girl Is Pregnant After Being Captured By ISIS And Raped By 100 Men


ISIS are well known as a completely repellant organisation and stories like this one aren’t going to do them any favours because they’re completely and utterly disgusting as well.

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Back in 2014, ISIS committed mass genocide against the Yazidi people due to their repulsion of their faith. Many of the men were buried alive and women under 20 were brutally raped by ISIS fighters until they eventually became pregnant.

Mahdya Khedr was one of these women, who says that her eight and nine year old daughters were sold into slavery and traded multiple times during this period. Her ten year old niece also Marwa also fell pregnant, with Mahdya estimating she was probably raped hundreds of times before this happened.

Speaking about Marwa, Mahdya said the following:


There are a lot of girls like her.

It is not just terrible that she is pregnant – these young girls may have been raped by 100 men before they become pregnant.

I don’t know how many times I was sold.

One man only had me for three days, then sold me again. They also held me underground for two months. It was so dark I could not tell night and day.

Sounds absolutely horrific. I just don’t know how people can treat other people like that but then I suppose I’m not a religious fundamentalist so there you go.

Fortunately, Mahdya has now managed to escape from the last ISIS stronghold of Baghuz but the UN estimates there are still around 3000 women and children being held captive by ISIS. I hope they all manage to find there way out, but I don’t know if this will actually be able to happen. Thoughts and prayers with them.

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