10 Most Concealable Weapons

Concealable Weapons

Concealable weapons are cool as fvck, everybody knows that. Here’s an old school video showing how to avoid being stabbed in the cock.

Concealable Weapons

Concealable weapons are one of those things that really shouldn’t be cool but are. They shouldn’t be cool because they’re used to hurt and kill people, which is obviously not cool in anyway shape or form. The cool factor that concealable weapons hold is that they’re associated with the whole James Bond/secret agent image which is obviously cool as fvck, everyone wants to be as smooth as Bond right? They’re also associated with gangsters/ninjas etc which I don’t think any teenage boy doesn’t think is cool.

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Now this video is a run down of the 10 most concealable weapons, including flick knives, ballistic knives and a razor blade that which isn’t concealable at all because there’s obviously a load of razor blades sticking out of the back of the cap. You’d have to be blind to not notice them. The video also shows why you shouldn’t perform the against the wall police search, because you’ll end up getting stabbed right in the cock. Check it:

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