A Vegan Version Of KFC’s Double Down Is Now Available

Double Down Vegan

Cruelty free.

Everyone is super stoked that KFC’s Double Down has finally come to the UK after literally years of waiting, but obviously one group of people was left out of the excitement: the vegans and vegetarians.

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Thankfully though, the Temple Of Seitan have decided to join in the fun by releasing their own version of the Double Down that’s fully vegan. Take a look at this:

Mmmm that looks damn good, and you’ll feel way better eating because it’s cruelty free. I’ve eaten at Temple a whole bunch of times and can confirm that it’s absolutely banging, so I can’t wait to try this out, probably this weekend. Remember it’s on the secret menu though, so if you don’t see it advertised don’t worry and just ask for it anyway. Gotta love little life hacks like that.

For more vegan stuff, check out the vegan junk food market too. So delicious.


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