VIDEO: Two Blonde Girls Go Savage On Each Other During School Fight

Two Girls Beat Each Other Up

You know a video is gonna be good when it starts with ‘not here, I’m on probation’.

I don’t really know what the context is here between these two girls fighting but I knew it was going to be good when one of them was saying ‘not here, I’m on probation’ and the other one didn’t give a hoot and just smacked her in the nose with a sucker punch.

From there on in it only gets even more brutal as the girls roll around on the floor smacking each other in the face and trying to get each other in leg locks like they’re regular Ronda Rouseys. It’s kinda sad that all the other kids there just let them go at it whilst recording it on their phones, but I suppose the chance of a viral video these days is more important than helping out your friends.

Plus, the way they’re going at it you were probably only going to get whacked if you got in the middle of it:

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Hmmm. Kinda a bummer that you didn’t get to see a winner but you would probably give it to the girl who got sucker punched because she came back strong with a bunch hefty shots in the face. No wonder she was already on probation eh?

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