This Poor Woman’s Terribly Photoshopped Pictures Bagged Her A Dream Holiday

Seve Gat's Great Wall of China

You’ve got to love the internet.

Seve Gat’s (yes that’s her surname apparently) had always dreamed of going to China but simply couldn’t afford it. So she decided to go with the second best option and asked her friends to crudely Photoshop pictures of her in various Chinese landmarks so she could post them on her Facebook page.

The Photoshop fails are so shoddy that she has become a bit of an internet celeb and obviously people could not resist chiming in with their own contributions under the hashtag #WhereIsSeveGatsNow.

While she has enjoyed a bit of internet fame, Gat’s pictures also attracted the attention from a generous businessman who was so overtaken by the story that he decided to raise the money to send her to China on holiday.

Apparently by ‘harassing’ his friends, Sam Gichuru raised enough money to arrange travel, four-star accommodation, insurance and some pocket money before getting in contact with Gat’s to tell her the good news. He said:

Talked to Sevelyn (Gat’s), she is a nice ambitious humble farmer’s daughter, who asked her friends to Photoshop her in China because she felt like she was there on those photos.

Trip being planned for summer 2016. So, now it’s all up to you Seve Gat’s.

What a guy. Anyway, here’s the bit you’ve all been waiting for — the amazing Photoshop fails:

And here is the internet’s contribution:

Well done everyone. Let’s hope that she has an amazing time and finally gets to create some real holiday snaps while she is there. Better be careful about all that pollution though Gat’s. It’s gotten so bad that Chinese residents have resorted to buying bottles of fresh air from Canada.


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