Surfer Gets Leg Snapped In Half By 55 Foot Giant Wave During The Biggest Swell Ever

55 Foot Wave

The surfer said his leg getting snapped was like a bomb going off behind him.

Three pro surfers –  Mark Mathews, Mick Corbett and Chris Ross – teamed up to tackle some major waves in Western Australia at a spot called The Right during the biggest swell ever and made the sick video that you can see below. Unfortunately another pro surfer named Justin Holland wasn’t so lucky as he was towed into an eighteen metre high wave that snapped his leg clean in two.

He’s now in hospital recovering with his wife and probably won’t be out for a while. However, when he does make it out he’ll have a killer surf story to tell for the rest of his life, and it hasn’t diminished his passion for surfing as he aims to be back on his board in three months. Attaboy.

Holland says the only reason he survived was down to his state of the art inflatable wetsuit and because his best friend was there to help him immediately. It looks like it was a close one for him and that break below does not look like it was a smooth ride either. I guess that’s what you get when you’re up against the biggest swell ever though.

Leg Broken By Wave

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The reason the waves were so big at The Right over the weekend and people are saying it was the biggest swell ever was because of a low pressure system that was sweeping the Indian Ocean and rocking up against the Australian coast, producing these killer Point Break style waves. This kind of swell only happens once in a decade if we’re lucky so it was kind of a big deal.

The first video below details the three pros nailing the biggest swell ever, whereas the one below that tells Justin’s painful story. Ouch. Check out the wipeout from hell afterwards and decided which one was worse yourself.


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