This Superfan Spent £20K Of His Benefits Money To Look Like David Beckham



We all have people that we would prefer to look like rather than ourselves, but I don’t think most of us would spend thousands of pounds on plastic surgery in order to look like pale imitations of them, do you?

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That might be true, but there are people out there who choose to spend their money this way, and although this is completely and utterly stupid, it makes it even worse when they haven’t even earned the money they’re spending and it’s come from benefits. The latest waste of space to play this card is a 19-year-old guy called Jack Johnson who models himself on David Beckham. So far he’s spent £25,000 of the state’s money trying to look like him and failing. Get a load of this:


Yeah, I’m not really seeing the resemblance there, are you? That’s despite all the work he’s had done on his face at yours and my expense:

I have had my teeth done, my lips, Botox and other treatments. I started two years ago and it just built up.

I really like David Beckham. He is great. I like his luxury lifestyle. I’ve wanted to look like him since two years ago or so.

I have copied his hair and changed that when he has had new haircuts.

So I must have spent around £20,000 in total. It’s a lot of money.

I think lip fillers should be on the NHS. I’ve had arguments about this with people on the internet.

I understand there are other things out there on the NHS that are important. I understand for example people who want a baby should have IVF treatment on the NHS but other people need work on their lips.


Yeah, I don’t really think Jack Johnson has a clue about reality at all after those comments. People NEED work on their lips? If you look like someone then you can live the same luxury lifestyle as them?

Well no mate, you’re just down the job centre every day living at your parents’ house and going to Wetherspoons every weekend, on top of the fact that you don’t even look like Beckham despite your best efforts. Do one.

For more of this crap, check out this guy who spent $80,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber and also failed. Idiot.


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