Watch This Stoner Attempt The Most Insane Weed Challenge Ever

Weed challenge

Two grams in one hit.

Porn star turned YouTuber Hayley420 has made a name for herself by taking on insane weed challenges with her boyfriend.

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In the video below, Hayley challenges her partner to smoke a two gram dab of green crack and snowman. She even admits herself that she was scared for him. You will be too when you see the size of that thing:

Jeez, that looked intense didn’t it? Hayley added that, “Aaron was so lit we tried to go on a walk and he was like ‘dude everyone’s going to know I did a huge dab. If anyone talks to me I’m just going to run away’”. Lol. I don’t blame him – I would be on the floor if I’d attempted that challenge. I’m surprised he even made it out the house. Hats off to you Aaron.

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