Spike Jonze Just Made The Perfume Ad To End All Perfume Ads

Spike Joze perfume ad

This is more than an advertisement.

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, when I think about Spike Jonze, I think about the music videos he’s made like ‘Pharcyde’ and ‘Aphex Twin’ or that fantastic film starring Joaquin Phoenix called ‘Her’. That guy is a directorial genius and anything he puts his hands to is an absolute cinematic experience.

This is perhaps why ZENZO World Perfume got him to direct their most recent ad and boy did he do a fucking amazing job of it. The short film starts off in your typical fashion ad style, with the camera focusing on the beautiful actor/model Margaret Qualley. But as soon as she’s out of that room, her face and body start to move in the most intense of ways.

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There’s no denying that this ad is in homage to Fatboy Slim’s music video for ‘Weapon of Choice’. Just see for yourself:

Wow. Unless someone told you that was a perfume ad, you wouldn’t have a fucking clue what was going on, am I right? Still, sick video. And hats off to Qualley for her sick moves.

For more on perfume, did you know that you can now buy a Burger King scented spray? Gross.


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