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Snakes Wearing Hats

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Snakes wearing hats is now an internet meme and it’s kind of cute but also kind of terrifying. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there’s anything more evil than a giant cartoon snake wearing a bowler hat – the hat just makes it even more sinister. As you can see below, some of these snakes look cool and cute, but some of them are pretty frightening. Either way the addition of a dumb hat definitely has an effect on them. I definitely won’t be getting a pet snake any time soon.

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Snakes In Hats 22

Snakes In Hats 21

Snakes In Hats 20

Snakes In Hats 19

Snakes In Hats 18

Snakes In Hats 17

Snakes In Hats 16

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