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Ripping Up A Skatepark On A Moped

on April 19   |   By     |   in VIDEOS

There are certain things in life that can be classed as a Sick Chirpse. This is one of them.

Me and TimW_Brap are usually on the ball with finding sick chirpses, and we like to think that we do a good job of presenting you guys and girls with the sickest chirpses out there. TimW_Brap’s posted a few things recently that I would personally pull up as not being a sick chirpse. One of them was the pop track he posted the other week (check it out here if you really want to, I probably rather that you didn’t), and the other was the Katy Perry video that went up today. After having a mental break down and telling him to pull them from the site, I sent him a e-mail with the subject ‘This is a Sick Chirpse’, with the intention of reminding him what a Sick Chirpse was. The e-mail also contained this video of a French dude ripping it up in a bowl on a Vespa. Gangster. One, he’s not wearing a helmet. Two, he’s ripping it up in a bowl designed for BMXers, rollerbladers and skateboarders on a motorised scooter which is heavy and hot as fvck. Three, he’s French and his name appears on the screen while he stands there smiling in slow motion. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a sick chirpse. Enjoy.

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