Here’s What An Untouched McDonald’s Happy Meal Looks Like 6 Years Later

Serious question – would you eat this Happy Meal if you were drunk and starving with no other food available?

The other day, a lady named Jennifer Lovdahl over in Alaska shared this photo of a McDonald’s Happy Meal on Facebook.

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She claims that the still-intact French fries and nuggets are in fact six years old. Here it is:


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As you can see it does look a tad bit stale, but nowhere near what you’d expect from a meal that was fixed up in 2010.

The question is — would you eat this 6 year old Happy Meal that hasn’t decomposed one bit if you were super drunk and hungy? Not gonna lie, even 100% sober as I am now those nuggets look kinda juicy. Stick them in the microwave, grab me some BBQ sauce and we’re good to go. Bet you could even feed them to someone as “fresh” and they wouldn’t even know the difference.

So as with every single piece of anti-McDonald’s news that comes out, has this done anything to harm McDonald’s? I don’t think so. This lady thought she was doing her bit for society and everyone would be freaking out over what a 6 year old Happy Meal looks like but instead it’s had the opposite effect — people are actually impressed that it still looks edible after this time. The perfect food to stock up on at the end of the world, evidently.


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