Watch This Shocking Footage Of A Carer Attacking And Abusing A 94 Year Old Woman With Alzheimer’s

Carer Abuses Elderly Woman

Every son or daughter’s worst nightmare.

Shocking footage from Buenos Aires has emerged of a 94 year old woman with Alzheimer’s being attacked by her carer in her own home.

The video was taken by the elderly lady’s daughter Miriam Marino in secret after a neighbour tipped her off. Wanting to catch the carer in the act, she set up the secret videotape and was shocked by what she saw.

The carer – who is obviously employed to look after this woman – frequently hits her around the head, shouts in her face, pushes and shakes her, grabs her around the hair, kicks her when laying next to her on the couch and all in all seems to be doing exactly the opposite of what she was hired to do. Even worse, she had been looking after this elderly lady for three years.

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Absolutely disgusting behaviour. It really does break your heart to think that this poor woman may have been subjected to that for three years, with no real way of telling anyone or getting help because she probably couldn’t even remember it herself. Very sad.

Needless to say, Marino has now fired the carer, reported her to police and is sharing the video on social media in an attempt to prevent her from ever getting a job in the industry again. The police haven’t released a statement about what they’re doing about it yet, but with the amount of shares the video is getting it shouldn’t be too hard to prevent her from attacking anyone ever again thankfully.

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