Russia Have Been Given A Suspended Euro 2016 Disqualification Penalty And Fine

Russian Fans

Looks like they got what was coming to them.

Following on from the violence that marred the England/Russia match on Saturday, it looks as if Russia have got what was coming to them as they’ve been handed a suspended disqualification and a €150,000 fine.

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As it’s suspended it won’t come into play until after the tournament (so I assume that means they will be banned from the next one?) but UEFA have threatened to impose it if the scenes of violence that populated the game with England are repeated. The ruling only concerns the incidents that took place in the stadium during the match – flare guns, racism and violence – and is open to appeal.

Russian Fans

No news right now if UEFA are going to do anything about all the violence that’s been going on outside the matches but here’s hoping they do. To be honest, the best case scenario for us is that Russia gets disqualified, then everyone in our group gets three points from them. Although even if that did happen (which it probably won’t) then we would probably still manage to fuck it up and find some way to not qualify.

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If you missed all the videos of the riots going on, then click here.


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