RIP Big Daddy V AKA Viscera AKA Mabel

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Former WWF/WWE star Nelson Frazier Jr, who played king Mabel, gothic weirdo Viscera and ‘the world’s biggest love machine’ Big Daddy V has died of a heart attack at age 43. A sad death, but perhaps not a surprising one for a 6’9″ guy who lived his entire adult life at around the 490lbs mark.

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Just look at the strain in this guy’s face at 0:18 as he carries King Mabel to the ring:

He wasn’t the greatest of wrestlers, but he was still a sight to behold:

One of his most memorable moments came as Big Daddy V when he had this completely ridiculous interaction with Lillian Garcia, who had somehow fallen for him in a big way.

RIP big man:


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