Public Toilets Forced To Close Down After Bearded Man In Wedding Dress Asks For Sex

Public Toilets Dogging

Imagine walking into a public toilet and seeing this.

Some public toilets in Newton Popplford, Devon have been forced to shut down after they were outed as a gay hook up hotspot by a man who was solicited for sex by a bearded dude in a wedding dress.

The man – who wishes to remain anonymous – explained the situation:

I was intending to do some business in the village and I went in to use the gentlemens’ public convenience which adjoins the car park.

Imagine my shock and horror when I entered the gents toilet to find a bearded man, in his late 50s or early 60s, wearing a full white wedding dress.

He invited me into the cubicle to have sex with him.

I found it thoroughly abhorrent and reprehensible, since there is a school very close by and children pass by there every day.

Dogging Hotspot

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His complaint alerted the council, who reacted quickly to close down the public toilets and issue the following statement:

Although East Devon District Council owns the car park at Newton Poppleford, it does not patrol it, as it is a free car park.

Our staff only visit it occasionally to inspect any reported incidences of damage. The public toilets are leased to Newton Poppleford Parish Council, which is responsible for their cleaning and day-to-day management, and we have contacted them to make them aware of the issue of inappropriate behavior taking place in the toilets.

Our Community Safety and Antisocial Behaviour Coordinator is currently liaising with the police on behalf of the East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership and will arrange a site meeting between the partner agencies and the village’s parish council to agree any appropriate action.

Once we have more details we will be able to issue a statement on behalf of the partner agencies. In the meantime, we understand that the parish council has closed the men’s toilets until further notice — although a key will be made available for church users.

Church users? Surely that’s one of the worst ideas ever, given what we all know members of the clergy get up to behind closed doors?

But seriously although it’s kind of funny hearing about a bearded man in a wedding dress hanging around in a public toilet begging for sex, it is quite serious as clearly anyone could easily walk into that situation completely unawares and it isn’t something you would want children to see. I hope the council/church sort it out and all the gay doggers out there pick a more obvious and discreet location to do whatever they gotta do.

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