Police Discover ‘The 10 Pimp Commandments’ List During Prostitute Ring Brothel Raid

Steven McDaniel pimp rules

The gospel of pimpin’.

Steven McDaniel from Long Island and his “bottom chick” Sandra Russell were arrested for running a prostitute ring, in which they paid their hookers in heroin.

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The raid, which had allegedly been operating for over a year, came following an anonymous tip from a caller who told the police that the prostitutes had been living with McDaniel and Russell and that the couple were pimping them out to punters.

Steve McDaniel Sandra Russell

Following a police raid, McDaniel and the women at the residence were quickly arrested. A pretty open and shut case right? Well, not exactly, because with the raid came the discovery of the “10 commandments of Pimpin’”. The list was written by McDaniel and it outlines ten essential rules that he felt the need to abide by when it came to controlling his “Hoez”. Check it out:

Pimp rules

Wow – looks like this guy knows what he’s doing when it comes to taking advantage of vulnerable women. We all know being a scumbag pimp ain’t easy.

I wonder if this priest who also moonlighted as a pimp followed these rules and if so, I bet it was confusing having to live by not one, but two sets of commandments. God’s rules by day, pimp’s rules by night.


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