Pizza Hut Has Started Serving Pizza With A Hash Brown Crust

Tater Tot Pizza


Over the past couple of years, pizza restaurants have really upped their game in terms of the crust, with cheese stuffed being pretty much a staple, along with the more exotic hot dog stuffed crust and cheeseburger stuffed crust. Now, it’s the turn of the tater tot stuffed crust and it looks absolutely excellent.

As you can see from the pictures, it’s just literally a delicious looking pizza with an even more delicious looking tater tot at the end of every slice. Nothing fancy and no frills, but man would that be nice to tuck into right there, wouldn’t it?

The bad news is that of course – like every other amazing fast food innovation of the last four years – it won’t be available in the UK. In fact, it’s even more niche than most other food combos and has only appeared in New Zealand Pizza Huts. And even then it was only for a limited time over and that seems to be coming to an end.

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But don’t worry, they’re bring back the cheesburger stuffed crust for a limited time to help you get over that. Phew. Now why the hell won’t you just bring some of that stuff out over here in the UK so we could at least try it for once? You honestly can’t tell me that people over here wouldn’t be interested in that, can you?

At least we can still check out stuff like the Yorkshire Pudding Burger – if you want to travel all the way to Harrogate for it that is.


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