People Have Revealed The Most Disturbing And Unusual Sexual Requests They’ve Ever Received

Seriously NSFW.

Everyone’s got their own personal, secret fantasies when it comes to sex. Whether it’s a foot fetish, threesomes or popping balloons (no, seriously), we all have something that really gets us going.

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However, some people are such sexual deviants that they go beyond what is considered “acceptable” by most regular, sexual beings. I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where someone’s asked us to do something that, even by our standards, seemed a little bit too on the freaky side.

Thanks to Reddit, we now know what some of these bizarre requests are, as user MrManta21 decided to ask the question: ‘What is the most unusual or disturbing sexual request you’ve ever received?” Here goes:

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Blimey – humans can be a weird bunch. For more of the same, here are the most horrific things people have said while being dumped.


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