Otter Destroys And Eats Alligator Alive In One On One Fight — Wait, What?

You’d think an alligator would completely devour an otter in one, maybe two bites. Not if this otter has anything to say about it.

Not sure what to say about this alligator, except that we’re extremely disappointed in him. First we had that story the other week where that snake pretty much ate a crocodile for breakfast – that was shocking but then again maybe not that shocking. An otter eating an alligator though? The swamp king’s going to get beaten up and eaten alive by an otter? Really?

Can’t help but think that if this trend carries on alligators and crocodiles are going to lose all the fear factor that’s associated with them. Instead we’ll be talking about otters as the true menace of the animal kingdom. What even possessed this otter to think it could take on the alligator in the first place? That’s the real burning question in this story but I’d bet it was that confidence and ballsiness that allowed it to completely decimate the alligator.

Check it out:

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