PHOTOS: Snake Eats Crocodile After Lengthy Battle

Snake Crocodile Battle Featured

The law of the jungle baby.

Over in Australia a snake has won an epic battle with a crocodile by eating him alive. The incident happened yesterday in Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa and was luckily captured by residents on camera – you can see the photographs below.

The ten foot snake – thought to be a python – coiled itself around the crocodile in the water and then later dragged it onto dry land before devouring it. The snake was able to eat the crocodile as it has a flexible jaw, which enables it to eat prey many times its own size – so if you’re ever visiting Lake Moondarra make sure you keep your wits about you.

The pictures were taken by author Tiffany Corlis, who describes the situation:

‘It was amazing. We saw the snake fighting with the crocodile – it would roll the crocodile around to get a better grip, and coil its body around the crocodile’s legs to hold it tight. The fight began in the water – the crocodile was trying to hold its head out of the water at one time, and the snake was constricting it. After the crocodile had died, the snake uncoiled itself, came around to the front, and started to eat the crocodile, face-first. It took around 15 minutes to eat all of it, although they were fighting with each other for around 5 hours.’

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