Oscar Pistorius Just Tried To Kill Himself In Prison

Oscar Pistorius crying

Rock bottom.

Oscar Pistorius has been rushed to hospital after he tried to slash his wrists in prison.

The ex-athlete was taken to Pretoria’s Kalafong Hospital at around 12.30pm yesterday after cutting his wrists in his cell.

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According to reports, he had told authorities that he had injured himself after falling out of bed. However, a fellow inmate said that he had been intentionally hurting himself. And blades were actually found in his cell at the Kgosi Mampuru II prison where he is serving his sentence for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

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Obviously there’s going to be mixed opinions on this matter. The Pistorius trial was one of the most widely broadcasted due to the fact that he was treated very lightly for shooting his girlfriend in the face. While there was clear cut evidence that he had committed the crime, Pistorius was only sentenced to six years in prison, which is a very light sentencing for murder in South Africa.

Judging by the self-harm, he is clearly suffering. Question is, is he suffering due to the guilt he feels for killing his girlfriend, or is it because he is locked up when he doesn’t want to be? I guess we’ll never fully know what’s going on in that guy’s head.

Either way, I reckon he was being a bit too optimistic when he said that prison is easy this time round.


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