A Manga Version Of The Koran Is Being Published In Japan

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Obviously the best use of manga ever.

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A manga version of the Koran shipped on Sunday in Japan, which unfortunately meant that it didn’t come out in time for Valentine’s Day. You know that that would have been the perfect gift for a loved one.

It’s the latest instalment of East Press Manga de Dokuha series of classic literature. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Manga Version Koran 1

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The Koran is the foundation of the daily life and ideology of people who believe in the teachings of Islam. The name Islam is often heard in the daily news, but because we Japanese aren’t usually familiar with it, a perverted image [of Islam] as abstemious or linked to terrorism is liable to persist. So what kind of teachings do [Muslims] actually believe in? What are they thinking about? To understand the modern international community and Islam, let’s try to experience the scriptures where all that is written down.

Sounds great right? The perfect Easter gift for somebody now that we’ve missed Valentine’s Day. Or if you’re more into Christianity, you could pick up a manga version of the Bible too, as East Press have also kindly decided to publish that as well.

What absolute heroes. That is 100% definitely the best use of manga, and not inspiring awesome theme parks like this one.


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