Meet The Lord Of The Wives – One Dude Who Shares His Home With Three Filthy Wives

Lord Of The Wives

This guy knows what’s up.

Most guys find it enough trouble just having a relationship with one woman, but somehow this dude from New Jersey who looks like he probably got rejected from Jersey Shore is managing to live with three different women – and they all love it.

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32 year old fashion businessman Paulie Hussel lives with his 31 year old wife Vanessa and his two new wives Hazel, 27, and Lady, 25. Paulie and Vanessa explains why it happened and how it works and there’s also a short news segment about their lives below:

Paulie: When Vanessa and I began having problems in our marriage and broke up, I started seeing Hazel and then, Lady too.

I felt so guilty about what I was doing because I still loved my wife. I wanted to be with these two other women but I also wasn’t ready to give up on Vanessa.

Vanessa was my best friend and my soulmate and I hoped we could still work things out as a foursome.

Vanessa: When I heard that Paulie was in a relationship with Hazel and Lady, I was shocked.

Initially I hated the thought of these two women – they made my blood boil.

I told my friends that if I ever met Hazel and Lady, it would end in a fist fight! But over time, I came to understand what Paulie was feeling and I became attracted and in love with these women too.

When I told Paulie that I wanted to be in a relationship with him and Hazel and Lady, he cried tears of joy.

It was like we had finally found happiness together – it saved our marriage.

Everyday is like an amazing sleepover with my husband and my favourite girlfriends. It’s an adventure.

Yeah, sounds like a blast sharing your husband with two other girls, I’m sure most other people can identify. Here’s a video that explains a little more about their weird relationship:

Yeah, nothing weird about wearing t-shirts celebrating your polyamorous relationship is there? You’re probably thinking about what they do when they’re having sex, well it turns out that the girls are all bisexual and end up having sex with each other all the time too, so it’s pretty much just a massive orgy with people moving in and out all the time, as evidenced by Paulie saying they’ve had two divorces in the video:

Paulie: Some nights, we leave the kids with their grandparents and the four of us get in the Jacuzzi or have amazing sex together in the living room.

I want to make sure Vanessa, Lady and Hazel all get pleasure so I put an album on and I have sex with each of them for the duration of one song.

Generous of the guy. Sounds like a great environment to bring up the kids in too. To be fair, Big Love was one of the most boring TV shows I’ve ever watched so maybe it’s not even that wild for these guys, who to be honest look like they’re just massive swingers who party all the time. Maybe I’ve got it wrong, I mean they seem happy enough. Have to check back with them in a few years and see where they’re at.

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