‘Leave Britney Alone’ Guy Has Gone Through A Radical Transformation

Leave Britney Alone

He looks completely different.

So you guys remember the ‘Leave Britney Alone’ guy right? That bumbling, overly dramatic boy wigging out about the fact that people were bullying Britney Spears — well that was a great source of entertainment and made up part of the pool that started the whole viral YouTube thing.

If you remember him, you will also remember his very distinct look of blonde curtains and dark eye make-up. Check out the original video below:

Yeah, so that’s Chris Crocker back in 2007. Jump forward nearly ten years and not only has he banished the blonde locks and tearful expression, but he has completely beefed up. He looks FAF basically. See for yourself:

Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker

I know right, what a dramatic change. Apparently since his viral success Chris has gone on to secure a career as a comedian and singer. I’m sure the style has matured a lot from crying into a camera. He must be doing better than that homeless guy with the ‘Golden Voice’ who went viral — pretty sure he ended up broke.


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