Justin Bieber Asks Instagram To Identify This Unknown Girl For Him So They Can Fuck

This has to be Justin Bieber’s biggest power move yet.

When you’ve attained a certain level of super-stardom, you can pretty much walk into the room, point at a girl and say “I want to have sex with you” and it will happen. When you’re Justin Bieber you don’t even have to walk into the room, you can just share a photo of some random girl to Instagram and your followers will do all the work for you.

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Bieber posted this photo of the girl alongside the caption “Omg who is this!!”

High praise indeed:

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Almost instantly, a shit ton of fake Instagram accounts were created from girls begging for Bieber’s dick. In the end someone actually tracked down the actual girl, a young lady known as “wolfiecindy”:

A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on

A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on

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Just your casual Instagram girl right? Here’s how Cindy responded to the news:

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Well, I guess it is a lot to process. The person I feel bad for Selena Gomez. Wait till she gets wind of this – she’s already been to rehab for Justin Bieber addiction before, this is bound to send her right back.


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