You Can Now Get A Job As A ‘Bacon Critic’


Dream job.

If you hate your job and love eating bacon then this might be the solution to all your problems: Time Inc have just listed a job as a ‘Bacon Critic’ for their new website ‘Extra Crispy’.

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You’ll basically get paid to travel around the United States for three months sampling the best bacon they have to offer over there and reviewing it in an effort to determine just who makes the best bacon in the entire country. Sure, you might have to live in America for the duration of the job, but even then it’s only for three months and you’re going to get paid to travel around the country eating some of the most delicious bacon they have to offer. What’s not to like if you aren’t vegetarian/vegan?


If you want to apply then all you’ve got to do is submit a 600 word essay about your favourite bacon related memory by June 24th. Bacon related memory is kinda vague so I’m not really sure what they’re after, but my guess would be that they’re looking for a review of the best bacon you’ve ever eaten? Or maybe something out of the box like that time you went out for brunch and ended up bumping into Kevin Bacon or something, I dunno. It’s up to you to apply and I wish you the best of luck with it.

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One slight concern is that the bacon over there all tends to be really thin and crispy and not really vary too much from breakfast bar to breakfast bar, but I’m sure these guys know what they’re talking about and will send you to some good places that are a bit different. Just wanted to throw that out there so you don’t blame me if it wasn’t what you expected when you land it.

If this doesn’t work for you, you might still be able to apply for that job where you get paid to visit all the best breweries in the world and get drunk.


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