This Guy’s Story Is Why You Should NEVER Go To The Same Uni As Your School Ex

Grossman Torrey

Bitter feud.

The last thing you want when you go to university is for your childhood sweetheart to tag along.

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Uni is about meeting new people. If you’re secondary school banker is knocking about, it can lead to a whole lot of awkwardness. Or in the case of Ari Grossman and Kalya Torrey from the US, a bitter and long drawn out feud.

Let’s start at the beginning. Grossman said he and Torrey ended their initial relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend when they were 15 years old, although they continued to party together. Grossman had no idea there was any animosity between the two until he got accepted to Pace University’s acting program. Torrey, who was also attending, got her parents to call up his parents to demand he dropped out.

Ari Grossman and Kalya Torrey

When Grossman refused (obviously) Torrey allegedly made false rape allegations, although none were filed. She then sought a temporary restraining order against Grossman, but the judge ordered the matter to be settled by them just agreeing to keep out of each other’s way. Already pretty crazy behaviour from Torrey, but at least it got settled. Or at least, that’s what Grossman thought.

Once they got to Pace, the situation got worse – Torrey filed so many complaints during the first few weeks of being there that the dean intervened and told them to chill the fuck out. Things reached a climax when Torrey accused Grossman of stalking her and he ended up getting put in a jail cell for 12 hours with his legs and hands in shackles. He was eventually released after getting charged with criminal contempt. This has since been dropped after the CCTV showed the police that Grossman hadn’t done anything wrong.

Grossman is now suing the school and Torrey for having him improperly arrested. His lawyer, Julie Goldberg, told the New York Post:

It’s just been a horrible college experience for him. We feel at this point he is not being protected.

Meanwhile, Torrey’s father Michael, said in the lawsuit:

Obviously we don’t agree with anything. But we think it is inappropriate to comment.

This is playing with these kids’ lives and it’s a sad situation.

Yeah, it’s a bad situation because your daughter’s a psychopathic bitch. Who the hell makes up fake rape and stalking allegations, just because they’re butthurt over getting rejected in secondary school? I really feel for Grossman in this situation – I hope he gets the remuneration he’s looking for.

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