GTA 6 Is Already In Production, According To Reports

Grand Theft Auto 6

It’s coming.

GTA V exploded onto our screens over two years ago now, so it makes sense that Rockstar would at least be considering the next instalment in the franchise because, well, it’s pretty much the biggest video game in history isn’t it?

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Rumours are flying around that they’re deciding which city they want to set the next edition in, with Tokyo being given some serious consideration. Apparently a team of Rockstar employees went and visited Tokyo previously (they do this before every game to get a feel for the city) but ultimately they had to discount it because of its complex road networks and the fact that many of the cars and brands that have been present throughout the series would have to be removed if they changed countries.

GTA 6 Tokyo

So the idea was scrapped and the game will definitely be set in America – which city it will be based on is still up in the air though. It is coming though and work has already begun – but when it will actually be released is anyone’s guess. Maybe if we’re really lucky it will be towards the end of next year, but I can’t really see it coming out any earlier than that, can you?


In the meantime, you could always check out these awesome GTA London custom loading scenes. They’re seriously sick and reference some brilliant movies.


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