Google’s New Walking Robot Is The Most Terrifying Thing I Have Ever Seen

We are officially doomed.

We’ve been saying it for years now — the rise of the robots will prove to be humanity’s undoing. It happened in iRobot and it’s going to happen in real life too judging by this new video Google just released.

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It features the latest version of Google’s humanoid robot — The Atlas.

Previously, Atlas needed a crane to get back up after he (she? It?) was pushed over, however the new and improved version can get pushed over and simply get right back up without any assistance.

Just watch the whole thing — it’s terrifying:

Everyone out there at Google who’s involved in building these things — what are you doing? You’re literally setting us up for the Rise of the Robots. I mean OK maybe Atlas isn’t that scary yet considering he walks around like he’s wasted but the final version is definitely going to be something to be concerned about. For a bunch of geniuses you’re actually pretty dumb building something like this.

Eventually these robots are going to have enough of being pushed over with massive poles by some tech-hipster and we’re all going to pay the price for it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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